Claire is a racial justice trainer and facilitator based in the bay area. As a white, cis woman, Claire has been (un)learning and working in the field of racial justice for over a decade.  Claire lives her commitment to collective liberation by supporting white-led organizations and communities to explore their privilege, power & unexamined racism. Her facilitation emphasizes the personal and collective work of cultivating antiracist consciousness and leveraging unearned white privilege in service of greater dignity and safety for people of color. She believes racial justice is fundamentally a process of healing that must first begin with the Self and then permeate out into our networks and communities.  Claire is a trained facilitator with Insight Prison Project and co-leads a restorative justice group at San Quentin prison. She is a former Disability Justice fellow with the California Institute for Integral Studies’ Office of Diversity and Inclusion. 

 Claire holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS). Her education is on-going thanks to the leadership and transformative work of antiracist organizations including Courage of Care Coalition, The White Noise Collective & Fierce Allies. Claire is passionate about grounding racial justice work in methodologies for healing and continues to explore the role of somatics, ecopsychology, mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS) and transformative justice as tools for liberatory change. 

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