Restorative and Racial Justice Stewardship Training

Friday, December 13– Sunday, December 15, 2019

“my silences had not protected me,

your silences will not protect you...what do you need to say?”

-audre lorde, sister outsider

the skill of community facilitation is the engine of everything we do at STRONGHOLD. this foundational and experiential training puts restorative justice theory into action. we believe the ability to deliver grounded facilitation is essential if we want to bring healing and transformation to the places in ourselves and our communities that engender harm. our pedagogy is rooted in restorative and transformative justice and a commitment to collective liberation.

Facilitation Skills for Restorative and Racial Justice

August 23-25th

We have largely been conditioned to avoid conversations that are charged with either interpersonal or systemic harm. The consequences of our avoidance are serious -- a culture of white supremacy where white folks are unable to take accountability; a culture of mass incarceration where we let our justice system replace the work of reckoning with the work of jailing; a culture of endemic gendered violence built upon our silences.

We invite you to join us for a two-and-a-half-day facilitation training. This will be a time to explore guiding practices for skillful and brave facilitation that you can bring to your own community dialogues and processes.

being white: a compassionate exploration of

whiteness & racism for white folks




As white people, we can often feel like conversations about racism don't apply to us. Perhaps we feel good about our progressive politics, or we consider ourselves color-blind, or at the very least we know that we are not bigots. But we fail to recognize that we are a part of a larger system of structural racism that privileges white people while harming people of color. This system largely relies on white people not questioning our experience of being white and not waking up to the many ways we benefit from white privilege and racism. 


It can be hard to have these conversations. We don't want to be held responsible for the suffering of people of color. We don't want to be thought of as racist. But we can come to understand this as a system we have INHERITED and that we have been TRAINED not to see it. Exploring white privilege and racism is a process of UN-learning so that we may begin to heal and transform that which we have inherited.


Join us as we dive into this exploration compassionately and in community with one another. Together we will explore the construction of white identity and structural racism. We will examine the history of whiteness, and how without even realizing it we’ve been taught to be white. We will get curious about the personal impacts of racism on our spirits and psyches as white people.