Restorative Justice

Process & Design​

with Karena Montag & Deanna VanBuren

Karena Montag returns to Paradigms to talk about Restorative Justice, and is joined by Architect Deanna VanBuren who designs spaces conducive to Restorative Justice.

The conversation focuses on designing processes for people that encourage justice and how people can recover from harm, and on how the built environment can encourage or discourage community, communication, well-being, all in the pursuit of Restorative Justice.




Restorative Justice and Prison Reform Pt I with

Karena H. Montag, MFT, and Troy Williams.

"In this first part of a 2 part series we will meet Karena Montag, a psychotherapist, and Troy Williams,

who works with prisoners in San Quentin and is a formerly incarcerated person.
Karena talks about what Restorative Justice is and how it differs from Punitive Justice in both application and effect.
Troy describes his own process of going from gang banger to prison to prison reformer, now on the outside working with both incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people."

'the redemption project' with van jones - 

Watch the series trailer here

"With incredible access to the US prison system, Van Jones takes viewers into the room

as offenders come face-to-face with those impacted by their violent crimes

as part of the restorative justice process"


STRONGHOLD Founder | Director, Karena H. Montag, MFT was privileged to be a part of










Eager for more? Tune into The Redemption Project Discussion Forum, hosted by Restorative Justice on the Rise aired on Tuesday, May 14th at 5PM PST.